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Aylmer, QC

Distributel refuses to put me on the correct profile.

I am paying for the 30 Mbps down, upload speed of up to 10 Mbps Unlimited Cable Internet 30 with Distributel in Quebec. So it is a resale of Videotron Cable.
I have Emailed, called multiple times as I am on the 30Mbps down and 3Mbps up profile and they seem to simply refuse to acknowledge this and/or change, or force Videotron, me to the correct profile.
They even had the gall to try and convince me that there is not a real difference between 3Mbps and 10 Mbps and why would I need it for uploads anyway?
Unprofessional with poorly educated and trained support people!
Starting to think I will switch and deal with Videotron directly.
So if you have issues and need to contact Distributel in my experience dealing with Distributel is horrible and frustrating. Some of the worst Customer service I have come across!

Nine Zero Burp Nine Six
Toronto, ON

Switch to Teksavvy Cable or Start.ca Cable or even eBox ... all are liklier much better to deal with for ATPIA service for your vCable (Videotron) area's.


reply to bodop

Start doesn't do Quebec cable. Ignore that one.

Just switch to Ebox or teksavvy. Also, you can switch to Videotron directly since they offer unlimited instead of this unlimited only after 2-am nonsense like the others.

Or file a complaint with the CCTS which is free for you.