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·Time Warner Cable
·WOW Internet and..

Once again, internet issues.

Seriously. I haven't gone a few months in over 2.5 years without needing a tech out for internet. This is starting to get way out of hand. Randomly since yesterday high packet loss and extreme lag. Same exact symptoms that pop up every few months. Every single time tech comes out and says there is no issues and sets up maintenance. Then within a few days it works fine. So once again I have to have a tech out to tell me everything is fine here and they will order maintenance. There has to be a system to just send maintenance out in a case like this without waiting for a tech visit then waiting for him to set it. Especially if it happens every few months. Why not just send them out every few months on their own. Or better yet, actually fix the issue instead of just temporarily resolving it.

This is just a rant, but it's just really getting old having to go through the same process over and over.


Utica, MI
What is "maintenance" exactly? An engineer taking a look at something?


·Time Warner Cable
·WOW Internet and..
Hell if I know. They say maintenance crew will come out to look at lines. Every few months they come out, see errors at the tap. Set it up for what they call maintenance to come out and look at the lines. A few days later it's fine. Few months pass rinse and repeat.

Caveat Emptor
United State
·TracFone Wireless
reply to hudiat
Rinse and repeat is annoying. If "they fix the same problem every few months" it would seem to indicate the problem is between their equipment (outside your house) and their office or headend. There may not be a solution they are willing to invest in at this point in time. In reality, the quality of service degrades the farther you live outside the City of Chicago.

This is probably no consolation but I've been on 13 different ISPs since the early 90s and continue to have the same problems you describe regardless of who provides it.

The problem is: old equipment with no upgrades planned, oversold lines, failed software updates, or it was just sold it to a company that has a worse reputation than 'they' do.

These corporations that did no fall by the wayside have not played fair with the American public for years. It will not change until Congress does. It is what it is and that is what we pay for.
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