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Pointe-Claire, QC
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The "Everything went smoothly" thread

Perhaps, to counter all the things that can go wrong with TSI installs, we also need a thread to post when things worked out just the way they were supposed to (which most people probably don't bother with).

I just upgraded my DSL from 6/1 to 15/10, and it couldn't have worked out better.
I placed the order on 07/23, and picked the first possible installation date of 07/31.
My modem arrived three days later (unfortunately via the annoying mandatory pickup, but at least I got it).
On the 26th TSI called to confirm the installation date and times.
On the day of the installation (today), the Bell technician called about an hour before his scheduled time slot, to confirm his visit.
My old connection went down at about noon, at 12:20 the new modem (which I hooked up when the old one stopped working) started to synch, and about 10 minutes later the Bell guy came by to check its status.
About half an hour later the modem connected to the Internet, and I was back in business!
Total downtime: about an hour.
My speeds are 15down, 10up (just like advertised), with a pretty bad ping of 41 (but the TSI guy hasn't even shown up yet, so he may still be able to tweak it a bit).

I have been with TSI for over 5 years, and went through all the ups and downs, and was VERY hesitant to upgrade my current connection, as my last move (about 2 years ago) was screwed up big time, and I just didn't want to risk being without Internet for a week again (I work online). I rather put up with my slow connection (which, by now, got me download speeds of about 350Kb/sec), than risk losing Internet altogether.
And, with the still constant stream of reports of botched installations here on the forum, I was VERY concerned.
But I finally had to bite the bullet, and risk it, and I couldn't be happier now...

So, perhaps for people who are equally hesitant to change anything, even if they'd like to, it might be good to hear from others who had similarly good experiences, to keep things a bit balanced.


Bolton, ON

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I went from rogers to tsi w/out any problems, I even had both tsi and rogers working concurrently until rogers finally disconnected me 12 hrs later, my kudos goto to tsi and reluctantly to rogers for not mucking up the transfer


Gloucester, ON
·TekSavvy Cable

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reply to Contrex
I'll post my move from last Saturday 27th of July,

Posted in the direct forums to see if they could do it there(Couldn't remember if they could or not) just myworld out they had a few cable but nothing for RCable.
Think it was Martin that put a call back in for me, I missed the call had my phone on silent for some reason.
Called in got a billing agent in about 3 min on hold.
There software was down(I've had that happen to me at work more then I can count) so agent (forget her name) said she would call me back after her lunch once the software was back up in about 2 hours. 45 min later she called back, software was up.
Placed it for Rogers tech to come between 11am and 2pm Saturday.
Knew rogers in some parts of Ottawa where missing their the days so was ok if he/she didn't show up. (Ottawa East)
About 12:45 Rogers tech called to say he was working on the box and asked if it was for tv and internet. Told him go ahead put the filter on for TV have Bell Fibe already here and just do a drop down from the outside line is all we need. I'm currently still loading the truck but someone is at the house and will let you in.
Once we got to the house had to just plug in the modem let the lights fully light up, connected router and tested it over wifi with my phone. No issues at all.

I was expecting to have to call back Sunday due to rogers no show since a lot of my friends had issues with no rogers tech showing up in other parts of Ottawa, but guess luck was on my side that day.

Now just waiting for the upgrade to take place on rogers their end and I'll be happy as can be.


St Thomas, ON
·Rogers Hi-Speed
reply to Contrex
There are 2 types of line profiles, one with low ping but is more susceptible to packet loss, and then one with higher ping due to error correction.

AFAIK the 'tsi guy' coming into your home for the install is actually a third party, not even bell, and wouldn't be able to change the line profile... maybe he can though. If he cannot, that is something teksavvy can do, although sometimes not for up 3? days after the upgrade until the line shows up properly through bell.


Pointe-Claire, QC
Looks like somebody already did some tweaking in the background: My ping is now down to 16


Cambridge, ON
·TekSavvy Cable
reply to Contrex
Everything went smoothly for me back in March - and that was over the Easter long weekend! (Saturday March 30th). I was dreading what horrible things might happen and resigned myself into knowing they wouldn't start to be resolved until the next Tuesday but things went perfectly.

I just disconnected the Rogers modem, returned it to the Rogers store (making sure I got a printed confirmation) then plugged the TekSavvy modem in which had been delivered weeks earlier.

The modem synched, I then spent a few minutes in my router figuring out how to get a new IP. Got a TekSavvy IP and it's been pretty smooth since then! Only one outage and a little downtime when I moved to a new speed.

A tech didn't even come over right away - he came over days later in order to cut the Rogers red "Hi Speed Internet" tag off and leave it on the ground. That'll show me.

Nothing to complain about here.
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