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Alfred, ME
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reply to TwiztedZero

Re: [Cable] Welp, my first TSI rant - looking for help

said by TwiztedZero:

said by mackey:

The DOCSIS standard expressly prohibits allowing end users to update the firmware. All updates MUST come from the CMTS.

Docsis standards say no such thing. Its the incumbent that own the last mile that insist on this or that modem type and this or that firmware build....

You seem to be addressing two separate issues with this post but..

To download a CM software image securely, the CM vendor and/or MSO will digitally sign the image using the appropriate code verification certificate (CVC) and place the image on a Software Download server. A CM is enabled to download a software image when it receives a valid CVC in its configuration file. Triggering thedownload of the software image can be done using parameters in the CM configuration file, or SNMP commands.

After a CM downloads a software image, it validates theimage by verifying that theincluded CVC chains to the
DOCSIS Root CA, and by checking the image’s digital signature. If this validation is successful, it installs the
software image for operation.

Do you have a spare CMTS, TFTP server, privy to the cable companies CVCs and other network security policies so you could "easily" update your own firmware in your house? it appears that great care has gone into the specs to allow only the cable system / CMTS the ability to upgrade modem firmware.
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Nine Zero Burp Nine Six
Toronto, ON
Yes the CMTS does it pretty much like you describe.

Though some have managed to flash modems with a compatible firmware build (see other threads regarding this).

At present ATPIA providers don't have a system or method of doing this on their own. And the incumbents have been a little sly with the CRTC and inserted stipulations that they won't push firmware on behalf of their ATPIA clients on purpose as part of their competive advantage strategies. This leaves end users in a no firmware update even on compatible approved modem models with older firmware in particular the Docsis 3.0 units.

This has forced some to seek out 3rd party modem firmware fixes as mentioned above.

Its quite sad it has to be this way. But thats the nature of the beast.

What happens down the road at the next CRTC tariff rounds in the comming months ahead that might or might not change this is anyone's guess.

And Thank You for a little more of a technical overview of the CMTS breakdown swiftec

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