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[Qwest] Long round trips with DNS server on CenturyLink/Quest (s

Although I get what CenturyLink considers a good connection (11Mbps up/.8 down) I still think that things are slow. Often I am waiting for ads to be filled in before I can fill out an online form or read my yahoo mail.

I think I have found the problem and I welcome anyone that could help me with a resolution.

I am a residential CenturyLink customer on the east side of Tucson, AZ.
Here is the ping summary from 100 pings to my assigned DNS server.
Ping statistics for
Packets: Sent = 100, Received = 99, Lost = 1 (1% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 25ms, Maximum = 2736ms, Average = 435ms

This means that my web page browser is some times waiting almost 3 seconds to get an address from the DNS server! It waits an average of 0.5 seconds! Both of these number make me feel that there is something wrong with the service.

Looking at the 100 pings I see that the times ride like a roller coaster. They go up, increasing and increasing, then they go down, decreasing and decreasing.

Has anyone else seen this?

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Re: [Qwest] Long round trips with DNS server on CenturyLink/Ques

Pinging a DNS server? The server may be reacting as if it was receiving a ping flood attack. I think a better approach is some kind of DNS benchmark test. There is a good one here:

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reply to PoorPing
You can use an ad blocker and better DNS,, works well, that won't help you with other problems though. I get just 23ms with no packet loss to


reply to NormanS
Thank you for the reply.

It looks like I need to find another reason for the slow pages.

You are right. The ping is not a good benchmark.

My DNS lookup seems fine when using GRC's benchmark tool.

192.168. 1. 1 | Min | Avg | Max |Std.Dev|Reliab%|
+ Cached Name | 0.025 | 0.034 | 0.041 | 0.005 | 100.0 |
+ Uncached Name | 0.029 | 0.088 | 0.204 | 0.053 | 100.0 |
+ DotCom Lookup | 0.052 | 0.109 | 0.191 | 0.040 | 98.0 |
Non-routable local internet address
Local Network Nameserver

The Average .COM lookup is 0.109 . I think that is ok.

Thank you again.

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reply to PoorPing
Not all slow page loads are caused by the ISP/Internet.

The issue can be caused by the equipment inside your house. Tell us a little bit more about how you are configured in your home. Manufacturer's and model numbers will also help.
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