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Smyrna, GA

Plex buffering issue - just started after working for months

I need help with what looks to be a streaming video buffering issue… that just started.

Let me explain.

I use Plex Media Server on my main workstation. i5 processor with 8GB ram and a gaming video card. It’s robust enough to watch movies me thinks. Running windows 8.

I have it wired to a Belkin n300 router with TomatoUSB (by Toastman) and I’m getting amazing upload and download speeds (speedtest.net has me at 40m down and 4m up).

I’m streaming wirelessly to an LG 55’ tv via the Plex app on the TV. Everything has worked flawlessly until last night (which happened to be when I installed another router and bridged it with my Belkin which is upstairs -=- and I also installed a DLNA player on my new S4).

Now the issue is certain movies when I click on them to start on my TV, don’t start,. The circle just spins and spins (one lasting 10 minutes). On the few that do start, I’m getting major pauses and major buffering. Also on TV shows (all less than 30 minutes so far) they are taking 1 to 3 minutes to start up.

They used to take like 5 seconds to start.

So, I disconnected the new bridged router, and I’m still getting the issue.

Did a complete uninstall of Plex, reinstalled it, still getting same issue.

Reinstalled an older version of Plex, same issue.

Any thoughts on how to fix this, or how to trouble shoot?

Thanks in advance…. I know just enough to get myself in trouble here it seems.

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Attleboro, MA
My guess would be that it is a network issue and not software. Your workstation is more than enough for Plex. I have a dedicated Plex server with only an i3 processor w/8Gb RAM, and it can easily transcode HD content to one device (Roku 3).

Before doing anything else, I would test it with an ethernet connection. Can you run a network cable to your TV? It is way too much of a coincidence that this started happening after you changed your wireless network.

For what it's worth, I connect my Roku 3 using 802.11n, and it very easily handles non-HD content. Occasionally, I have trouble with freezing while playing back some HD content, and I have to tell the Plex app to transcode down to 12 Mbps, which then works (and taxes the server which has to transcode on-the-fly). You didn't mention the type of content you are having problems with.
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