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Lakeside, CA

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Re: [CA] Upgrades SoCal?

Aug 1st, still nothing. Thanks COX!

Ai Otsukaholic
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Ditto...this is lame. SoCal always gets the shaft. Had FiOS installed at my office today, 75/35 unlimited for $80 (for a business account no less) compared to the $100 I pay Cox for 400GB /mo capped 50/5.

Where's my frakkin upgrade!

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Re: [CA] Upgrades SoCal?

Just checking in with our fellow "have nots" in SoCal to see who else has all but given up on any speed upgrade. Some other optimistic soul mentioned speed increases were rumored on Tuesday in Florida and everywhere else, but I would not hold my breath on THAT one. I have noticed that certain speed test sites I frequent have higher pings these days, so it appears their routing has temporarily or permanently changed - maybe the result of fiber backbone or other network changes?

Is there anyone at Cox who can give some update??

Ya I gave up on the upgrade. I've been retraining myself to be more efficient with Internet usage and have been able to do everything I need with my cellular data plan weather that means tethering or using apps on my iPhone. I will be dropping cox soon.

For those times were I need more bandwidth or a steadier connection I can leverage public wifi or my companies connection.

My change in lifestyle will probably not make any difference in our current society but I thought it would be worth it to share my experience.

Lol the only downside to a phone is autocorrect. It filled out weather instead of whether


Irvine, CA
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Yes, I've been noticing the same thing with the routing changes. It seems that COX has turned off some direct peering up in LA, and are going through their own peering link.

I'm thinking CA is taking so long simply because of the lack of 10G backhaul available in the OC area to their CO. Fiber isn't exactly prominent in the OC area..

COX already has 100G to LA but that doesn't do much when certain peering fabrics they use are already quite saturated at peak times.. I see plenty of routes now traversing SJ/Palo Alto instead of going through LA for optimal routing which kills about 6-8MS. I'm guessing this is because COX allocates 160G to Arizona from LA and the upgrades there are causing some load on the most likely 1G peering fabrics.

TL;DR, give it some time, the upgrade will get here once they beef up the network to sustain load and fibers are laid.

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Newport Coast, CA
I've noticed this as well, it's completely destroyed routes to a lot of my colo in LA, 85ms pings to LA now..yay! Cox and savvis are only peering in Dallas so if you're taking savvis to your destination good luck with that. What an absolute joke. Also for the lack of fiber in the OC area, i'm not so sure of that. Level3/globalcrossing have a very large presence in Anaheim (I had cage space in the same facility not long ago) and they have the capacity to pull in 100G if you like.

Cox has historically been completely incompetent with managing their network in the OC area, months of extreme loss between cox and level3 in LA were common not long ago. I ran complaints up the flag pole as high as possible and it was obvious they just did not care. It was so bad I was looking into San Diego colo to route all of my own home traffic that direction as anything passing through LA was just getting destroyed.


Irvine, CA
Find colo that's using nLayer. COX seems to be half decent with nLayer, and RAS can often play with outbound routes to not do hot potato from various other POPs facilities.

That said, I guess my OC statement was a bit off, when I meant OC I specifically target the Irvine, Newport area. I don't really consider Anaheim as OC.

Latisys has a very nice Irvine facility that you might want to check out, I believe they also peer/transit with COX.


Newport Coast, CA

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Yeah, thanks for the suggestions. I'm very familiar with colo in the OC area and have toured both latisys facilities. Unless they've changed very recently latisys is not carrier neutral (I have bandwidth commits I need to bring in) which sunk the deal among other things, and alchemy was just...hilarious.

You would think cox would always have great routing to level3 because they utilize them for most of their transit/transport (unless that has changed very recently too), but nope. The colo options in OC area are pretty disappointing in general, they mostly cater to local corporations that are completely ignorant of colo pricing nationally.


Irvine, CA
And I thought I was the only one around here that thought the same...

COX used to have great routing to and from Level3, but with the recent migration of some routes to SJC, and I believe they are finally doing hot potato in Dallas.. it's not that great.

Level 3 in general has always been iffy on certain eyeball routes though.., not as bad as cogent to UUNET/Verizon though

Latisys has a few onnet carriers and the rest are back hauled. However their internal capacity is quite baffling, only 16gbit for their operation? Hell I have 40G+ of aggregate just for a small suite. Pretty sure you can crossconnect to your own choice of carriers, I've inquired about it last time, but ended up going with a facility up in LA.

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PS: Sorry for off topic mods!


Irvine, CA
Wow, everything you guys are saying sounds so interesting. I wish I knew what it meant. Where would i go to find information on all of this?


Irvine, CA
Various forums, or simple google.

What in particular are you interested in? Try webhostingtalk as well, very common there for this type of verbage.

your username doesn't happen to be affiliated with Racing Dynamics does it?

Ok, seriously off topic here, with that said.. Just noticed some downtime last night with our net, still bonding the same signals, but I figure we're still inline for Late sept / october release of the new packages, since COX business is already showing they are offering 150mbps cable packages... Although I don't know the pricing.


Newport Coast, CA
Ooohh cox business is offering 150Mbit cable in OC now? That's at least slightly encouraging.