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Queen Anne, MD

UBNT Toughswitches

Anybody using them?


Bryan, TX
I have one 8-Port unit powering the tower at the office. No complaints but I am not really stressing it.

All my towers are DC only so a dedicated switch when I have to have a router is not in the cards.

The new ER-PoE may get put into use in the future... we'll have to see.



1 recommendation

reply to wirelessdog
I have about 20 or so in the field... Work great except for 2 issues.

1. One of the pros, I powered 7 ports with 24v and it started rebooting all 7 AP's constantly every couple minutes. Cat5 runs were probably around 200' or so. We took one AP off of the TS and plugged it into a seperate POE injector and the problem went away. Firmware 1.2

2. A very large batch (if not the majority) of TS pro's are NOT grounded. There was some sort of manufacturing oversight and there was a screw not tightened somewhere . I confirmed the 10 I had at the time were not grounded.

All 5-port tough switches I had were grounded. If you search their forum they provided a fix you can do yourself if needed.

Other then that they have been working great.