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Phoenix, AZ

Bonded VDSL2 Wiring Question

CenturyLink called me today and instead of fixing the bad line outside, they're offering to do Bonded VDSL2 into my condo.

I currently am paying for 40/5, and can pull the 40Mbps no problem, but my modem randomly re-sync's and if it's at night it will sync ~3.8Mbps upload with times of unresponsiveness between 1pm-5pm (when it's really hot outside), and unless i check it and happen to be home during 1-5 to reboot the modem i cannot remote back into my files nor use my SlingBox when i'm at work or in between classes at ASU, so until the tech gets here on the 12th to swap me to bonded 40Mbps i'm stuck on 20/896k as a "temp fix"

I currently have cat3 wire coming in with two pair of wire (one orange/white and blue/white), i'm wondering if they can do the Bonded VDSL2 over the same cat3 wire or will that cause cross talk issues?

Other than having to buy the C2000 modem for $100, is there anything else i should know about getting a pair bonded line?