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[DSL] Installation is hard

Day 1: Pay for order online.
Day 2: Receive email - we're having trouble processing your order, please call.
I phone and schedule dates
Day 5: Receive call that the dates must be rescheduled. I phone back and reschedule dates.
Day 9: Receive call that the dates must be rescheduled. I phone back and reschedule dates.
Day 10: Receive call that the dates must be rescheduled. I phone back and reschedule dates.
We've scheduled that dates 4 times now.
Days 17 - Installation day:
Installer phones me, says he'll be at the house in 5 minutes. I say I can be there in 10, arrive in 10 minutes. He's gone.
Phone TSI, who says that's a missed appointment (whereas they told me before that as long as I was 10 minutes away that would be fine).
Now we're rescheduling dates again, they say next installation day is 10-13 days away and that the tech will likely do this again.

So that'll be a month without internet. I can't wait to have Teksavvy but the installation is impossible.

I think next time the installer phones me I'll bribe him with beer or something to actually stick around?

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Re: [DSL] Installation is hard

Hi Kaiti,

Even though we are currently experiencing some delays with our vendors right now, this is definitely not the experience we want to have our customers go through. The dates you selected the first time around should of been the correct ones and we shouldn't of had to change them 4 times. For that, I sincerely apologize.

For the tech not staying on site, it's unfortunately out of our control. With the previous experiences, I wouldn't of recommended to meet with him at your residence. I'll ensure that the agent who advised you of that does not offer this option to any customers unless of a last resort and to make the customers aware that what you've experienced may happen. Some techs will stick around but the majority will not. As long as someone over the age of 18 is at your residence the tech will come. Very sorry about all this

Can you PM your account information as I would like to look through it and see why we had to change dates so many times and speak to the agent who placed your order.

Thank you,

TSI Jonathan
E-Services Team Leader
Authorized TSI employee - Teksavvy Solutions Inc.

Crazy Canuck
Mississauga, ON
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When I was out west Shaw pulled the "showed up but nobody was home" card on me twice despite there being someone there. They left a card on the door and left rather quickly.

The third time they showed up 2 hours early and left because I was at work. I lost it on the poor customer service lady when I called because they showed up outside of their installation window.

The fourth time they showed up 2 hours early and actually called me. I told the guy that I was tired of them showing up at the wrong time and that if he wasn't there when I got home an hour later, I'd be taking all of my business to Telus. He waited for me to come home.

All of the incumbents seem to have major issues with honouring their appointment times. It's even worse when you're using a third party internet provider because the incumbents make them wait even more.


Ottawa, ON
·TekSavvy Cable

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Eight or nine years ago I was told in Ottawa, that the Rogers installers were getting $5 piecework for hook ups. In Apt buildings where the cable room was locked they would not hang around waiting for a Super. Rogers installed brand new distribution boxes in all our buildings when they rewired, and six months later all the locks and doors were broken by Rogers installers.

It would be interesting to hear, from someone who knows, what they get paid today for installs.

Bell would probably be the same.

Nepean, ON

That doesn't sound unusual when you know how Rogers works especially in places like Ottawa where almost every job is outsourced to another company and Rogers pays them very little.