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Nine Zero Burp Nine Six
Toronto, ON
reply to Optional

Re: Goodbye and thanks for all the bits

said by Optional:

part of me is tempted to switch back and just get the 45/4 package +30 extra dollars a month for unlimited.. i know ill be paying 100 dollars a month but at least I'll get support.... It's a very sad situation lately..

What and sign the devil's contract in human blood and voulentarily put your head through their insidious noose and step right off the edge when they say jump - all the while atempting to dodge their frequent nudgings of prices towards the ultimate damnation of your wallets soul? Only to have your husk carelessly thrown asside like so much ofal once you run afoul and are financially desitute?

How about instead you take some courses n stuff on how to repair cable souse out signal problems and configure head ends n stuff yanno then apply at as rogers 3rd party contractor instead and become the ATPIA's darling the ultimate "inside man" and be loved by millions? U can NINJA IT!
We NEED INSIDERS (and shortcuts)!!!

!- From the mind located in the shadows of infinity -!
Twitter = @TwiztedZero
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reply to scottan

I had to wait nearly a week to get my modem provisioned, then another two days for my profile to get updated. Teksavvy's still at the mercy of Rogers and Bell for a lot of things and it's just out of their control.