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[CA] COX HSI Renewal offer:$20 off (per month) for 2 years

I joined COX HSI about 6 months ago, and received the new subscriber promotional rate of Cox/Preferred (18mbps) for $29.99/mo (for 6 months.) A few weeks back, just before my promotional rate expired, I received an offer letter giving me the chance to get a $20/mo discount (on internet only) and 2-year price guarantee.

This is slightly different from Cox's current 2-yr promotion (which requires bundling of TV + internet.)

Anyway, I handed my letter to a coworker who lives in a different city in Southern California. Even though he's been on Cox/HSI for more than 2 years (paying month-to-month), he called in and they honored the $20/mo discount + 2-yr price guarantee!

"Take advantage of this limited-time offer. It's a new beginning guaranteed to save you money for the next 24 months. Call 1-877-677-3875 today and ask for offer RPRDX2012"

(Same letter had a second page, discussing the TV + internet bundle, offer BN133VX24. Different phone#: 1-888-207-4844)


Irvine, CA
I assume the 2-year price guarantee also comes with 2-yr commitment. Does Cox has early termination fee like cell phones?

Tucson, AZ
·Cox HSI

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Yep they have an ETF, it's prorated though.. looks like it depends on if you get a discount or not.

Price Lock with monthly discount
ETF $240
ETF Reduction $10/month

Price Lock only
ETF $48
ETF Reduction $2/month


reply to CoxUserXYZ
I'm not familiar with the TV + internet bundle offer. What are the terms of that deal? You said your deal is slightly different, but would the bundle offer be a better choice for someone who also has TV?

Omaha, NE
reply to CoxUserXYZ
might be only for CA.


reply to CoxUserXYZ
Sorry, I should been a bit more clear in my original post. Title is wrong, it should be '$20 off per month for 1 year'

The 2-yr commitment is a price-lock for 2 years. In other words, the monthly rate you pay today will be the same 23 months from now, regardless of any price-increases on Cox's side.

The $20 discount is only for the first year (12 months.) After the first year, the discount goes away, but you still have the price-lock.

The salesman indicated that if I sign the 2-yr commitment, then just before the 1st year is up, I should call in and again and see if any promotions are offered at that time. It's a gamble, because I don't know what (if any) promotional offers will be available 1 year from now.

The "TV + internet" bundle is the same bundle Cox offers on its residential homepage (to new customers), so I didn't bother to list it.


San Diego, CA

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reply to CoxUserXYZ
I just called the 1st number, and more or less mentioned I wanted "the $20 off every month deal." The rep said okay, red the terms as mentioned above, and that's it!

Bill Neilson
Arlington, VA
reply to CoxUserXYZ
I would be careful with any "Just call a year from now and see..." statements.

I have been told such things and rarely had those statements followed through