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Watching cable on a computer monitor/speakers instead of TV?

Hey all,

I'm going to be a poor college student soon, and I'm trying to save money however I can. A couple years ago I did a favor for a friend and he gave me a 24 inch HD monitor that's been great for me. Playing games or watching moves in 1920x1200 is nice, and it looks like I'd have to shell out a lot of money to get a TV that was equivalent.

Anyway, I want to get cable again so I can watch sports/not have to wait for Netflix to get shows I watch. My current setup, though, is just regular PC speakers and the monitor. The monitor itself doesn't have any audio output.

Is it going to be possible to hook the HDMI connection into the monitor, but somehow hook the cable box up to my speakers?

Schaumburg, IL
Unless it's a very basic DTA-type cable box (RF or HDMI only outputs), most still have analog outputs. You could probably figure out how to hook them up somehow.

Also, make certain your monitor, if you plan on using HDMI to the cable box, supports HDCP (HD Copy Protection). Not all computer monitors do. If it doesn't, it will not work.


Des Plaines, IL
reply to poorstudent
or you can get an cable card and cable card pc tuner.


reply to poorstudent
HDMI to DVI will cover video, but the cables are semi expensive $50+ probably , sound may be a bigger issue, depends on what outputs the box has, if it has audio output you shoudl be able to use those though you may have to go to mono only sound, not a big deal for sports, but for movies it may leave something to be desires. But you shoudl be able to find a RCA to computer speaker adapter somewhere and use that as long as it has the RCA sound outputs.



1 recommendation

You can get an HDMI-DVI cable for about $7 on Monoprice. You may run into content protection issues, however. If your monitor has HDMI in, that is the best option.

If your monitor does have HDMI in, it may have an audio out that you can feed to your speakers. Otherwise, most boxes that aren't DTAs will have analog outputs, which you can feed into a pair of speakers with another $5 cable from Monoprice that does RCA male to mini-plug female.

Naperville, IL
That's what I did. All from monoprice as well. Make sure your monitor is HDCP compliant. Get a HDMI-DVI cable, then use rca to mini female jack for your speakers. Voila.


Naperville, IL
reply to poorstudent
I did that too at one point. What is the model of the monitor? If you search it, if it mentions DVI with HDCP, then it will work with that monitor. I bought an HDMI to DVI adapter (not the cable) on Monoprice for $2. All you need is the company-provided cable. The only thing is that if it is a 16:10 monitor, unless in the rare circumstance that it has native scaling (I've never seen one that does), it will be slightly stretched. It was not that noticeable.


Thanks guys for all your help.

The model of the monitor is a Gateway FHD2400. It has an HDMI in (but only one...I was planning on getting an HDMI splitter, or at worst just manually plugging things in). It has the theoretical ability to generate audio, but I just can't find an 8pin mini din to 3.5mm female/RCA cable anywhere. The manual for the monitor says it's HDCP compatible. I was mainly concerned with the audio - that plugging the cable box into my HDMI in might 'shut off' the analog audio.

What's a DTA box?


Naperville, IL
In my experience, HDMI does not override analog audio. If it is a non-X1 box (and I'm assuming it will be since no college has a need for a landline phone), you can disable the TV volume control and have the volume buttons on the remote control the volume on the box.

A DTA is a simple tuner box that allows you to use an analog TV with the converted signal (not the antenna TV conversion, the cable industry conversion). You would not want one in this case unless you only wanted basic cable.

If you got basic cable, you would need an HD DTA, which has an HDMI port, but no analog audio.