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Glen Head, NY

I Can Sort of See The Point

I think paying providers to keep content off of a specific medium is lousy but in some ways, TWC might have a point. CBS is demanding higher fees (what they are is anybody's guess having been reported anywhere from a $1 to $2 per subscriber increase to a 600% increase) yet also wants to double-dip by allowing the very same customers the ability to get the very same content from other sources. Basically cable customers are being extorted to pay more for content that is not exclusive yet, due to lack of ala carte, they have no option to drop CBS channels and go directly to Netflix.

I resent the increasing fees primarily because of the ever increasing amount of advertising. I still remember when paid cable channels had no advertising back in the 1980's. Now, under the guise of reducing costs to the consumer, you are basically paying to watch commercials. Take a look a Fox Business on the weekends with streams of infomercials. Yuck.
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Monroe, MI
I don't disagree with your complaint that the commercial load on these channels is awful and in the 80's there were a lot less commercials and NO annoying snipes and bugs that take up half the screen.

However, aside from HBO and other premium channels, which ones were commercial free? Discovery initially ran their commercials between shows, but they always had commercials. And MTV was absolutely loaded with commercials the second they had someone buying their time.


East Amherst, NY
·Verizon FiOS
reply to n2jtx
Hence why they erected the Byzantine house of cards called windows. Broadcast gets first runs and seasons (so for shows that only have 15 episodes they can show them 4x in a year ), and maybe at the end of the season it shows up on Netflix or VOD. Watching syndicated shows (a vast majority of content on TV) is in effect robbing people of original content. Even for full run shows, we are talking low 20s of episodes. That means more than 50% of the time slots are reruns, which if you think about you paying for watching the same thing over again in some controlled window even more obnoxious. In the case of HBO shows, say the popular GOT, there are only TEN episodes per year, so a full 80% of that time slot is repeats... I would s**t bricks before I would pay $17/month for HBO.

And these carriage fees are simply passed along to the consumer, so it's no skin off TWC back. In the 80's there we like 10 minutes, now it's 20 minutes or more. I was checking out Miami Vice and episodes were 49-50 minutes long where now they are 39-41 minutes.

The technology exists however to eradicate commercials so time shifting is your friend.

Prices are going up because of sports contracts, nothing more. Of course actors are overpaid, but not to the level of Roman excess of sports. And these guys are doubling down on RSN now. The next wave of price extraction.... I've left the fold and get bare bones cable. I don't feel slighted, and the only reason I get it because it was cheaper than just getting internet....Now that is a joke.