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College Station, TX

Metering seems to have the time set wrong.

It looks like the metering tool (server) has its clock set wrong or it bunches up the traffic count in a wrong way.

I had a certain download that started around 11pm on one day, and it continued through the night (after the midnight). The traffic meter shows "0" on that first day, and for the second day, it shows the amount of that download plus some regular traffic (which was minuscule compared to that download, - e-mail, a few youtube videos).
While I understand that in principle, the meter might not just have shown any traffic on the first day due to some internal glitches (as it shows "0" for the preceding day as well, - when it was small but non-zero, - but maybe it just the way it rounds small numbers.), but based on my estimate for the second day, I suspect, it bunched a portion of that download from the first day to the second one.

(Incidentally, - my modem's clock is always about 15 minutes behind the real time. -I don't know why. - But suggests to me that either SL's time servers are off, or they are not using them properly, or at all.)

To be fair, - at the moment, I do not measure the traffic on my router, so I cannot have 100% certainty, but having been watching the traffic recently, I think my estimate is conservative enough to be correct.

This is in College Station/Bryan, TX service area.