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[Tampa] BH Internet - High d/l times & low d/l speeds

Hi everyone.

I've been using my computer to take online classes and play online games, and a few weeks ago, I started having problems. I was on a 10 Mbit connection, and my ping for games was usually around 80, but all of the sudden, my download speed dropped to about 2 Mbits and my ping on games increased to 450 or so. I tested this on my family members' computers as well, and everyone using the network experienced the same problem. We called tech support, who told us to try resetting the modem, which seemed to solve the problem. Until the following evening, when the exact same problem came back. For a few days, we were in a routine of resetting the modem around once a night, while we arranged for someone to come to the house and change out the modem, because tech support agreed that that was probably the issue (we also increased the speed to 30 Mbits). We got a new modem, and a faster speed, which worked well for 3 days. Then, last night, the speed tanked again. It wasn't as slow as the first time - ping went from 80 to around 250, and download speed went from 30 Mbits to around 5, but it seemed like it was the exact same problem. We tried resetting the modem, restarting everything, but nothing worked. The only other thing we noticed was that if we tested ping (cmd prompt ping or tracert) within about 30 seconds of the internet coming back online, we seemed to get normal speeds. Then, after the 30 seconds or so, it was back to the slow speed. We've been able to do NOTHING to fix it since then.

It seems like this is almost definitely something happening on BHN's end, since we've had everything looked at and replaced. But at this point, it seems clear that tech support is going to be pretty useless. We'll try them again tomorrow, but I was hoping that someone in here would have some idea of what was going on.

Thanks in advance for any and all help!



Re: [Tampa] Brighthouse Internet - High Ping, Low Download Times

Realized I screwed up that title. I was either going to put "High download times" or "low download speed" and ended up combining the two...

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..no worries, we can correct that to help you get more tailored assistance.


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Re: [Tampa] BH Internet - High d/l times & low d/l speeds

I'm in the same boat I'm on the Lightning 60/5 Tier and in the afternoons and evenings I get slower congested speeds. Average download speeds range from 20-45 mbps upload speeds is always constant never goes down. I reported the Capacity issues to BHN and I'm giving them some time to fix the issue from Midnight 12 AM til like 12 PM i do get the download speeds I pay for. However for me I have good ping times regardless of time of day. My Neighbors said they have slow afternoon and evening speeds also, I'm thinking a congested NODE but not 100% sure
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I would register on the forum and post on the »Bright House Networks Direct, include the modem mac address. That can be found on the back of your BHN modem. Gary will be able to see what the problem is and help you out.