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$2.87 Regional Sports Surcharge Debuts 9/1/13

Checked the bill to see what would be up, knowing that I'd have a $15/month hit for moving into the third year of a triple play already, and found this at the end.

I get it, I really do. I understand programming costs and the way the game works these days. But let's also be aware that you do not carry Comcast SportsNet DC, a regional sports network for this region, and deny cable subscribers this programming from the Wizards, Capitals, DC United, Maryland, and coverage of the Ravens and Redskins.

In addition to that, you offer no separate sports package for those of us who would pay for this programming. Almost every company in the industry offers some package of channels, plenty of sports channels do not demand digital plus carriage. While 30 networks may be featuring sports programming on Atlantic Broadband, the following are not available from Atlantic Broadband:

MLB Network
NHL Network
Tennis Channel (in South Florida)
BTN (on in-market PA systems, not in HD in Uniontown)
ESPN Goal Line/Buzzer Beater
Longhorn Network
Pac-12 Network
CBS Sports Network
Fox Soccer Plus
Universal Sports
Univision Deportes
World Fishing Network

With the exception of MLB Network, all of these are available on sports packages across the country, not subsidized by people who don't want them, but paid for with additional fees for people who want them.

This might be bearable if general entertainment networks found on every cable and satellite system in the country were available. Alas, Cooking Channel, Reelz Channel, Smithsonian Channel, G4, Sundance, NatGeo Wild, and FXM. Soon, FXX will be added to this list, unless it is included in negotiations for Fox Sports One. And depending on how much hardball FOX plays, Fox Sports 1 may not be seen here. There is no mention of it within the statement, which during this time Speed will become Fox Sports 1 and Fuel Fox Sports 2.

These are not the offerings of a competitive company, and that's not delving into the HD offerings (where cable mainstays like CMT and VH1 are still in SD only) and where a digital transition has never occurred, where bandwidth is being wasted on a digital simulcast that has been in place for almost a year now.

I don't know what the plan is, but it doesn't seem like there is one other than to run all video subscribers to DirecTV and Dish. What incentive is there to pay for less programming at a higher price?

Can anyone from ABB speak to what is upcoming with FOX Sports 1, if it will be carried, and if FXX, FXM and NatGeo Wild could come along with it? I understand programming costs money, better than probably anyone here. But you have to offer your customers something too, and the offerings are just not there. I know I've said this before, but I'm at a breaking point.