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Midland, MI

Moved to Tyler, Tx, Is it a problem to use SL and DirecTV?

I moved to Tyler TX from North Carolina a month ago, and I am moving into a new house I bought here in a few weeks. I guess Suddenlink is the only choice for internet for most of this town, at least in the part of town where I am moving. But I am a long time DirecTV user, and want to keep it. The current owners of the house I'm buying have it wired for cable and use SL, will I run into any problems with SL and just having internet from them? Also, I'm planning to get the DTV whole home genie DVR set up, a full season of the NFL package for free, as they give a decent deal on movers specials.

At my last house I did something similar, the DTV system was connected to the existing coax home wiring, no problem. But I got DSL for internet, not the fastest, but it worked and had no caps. We watched a lot of Netflix with out any problems, used a wireless connection on my DTV box to get VOD from DTV too.

The way I understand it, all I need from SL is one line into the house, then hook it up to a modem (which I want to buy separately myself), and then hook that up to my wireless router that I already have and I should be good to go. Unless SL insists that I buy their TV and phone packages too for some reason....


Tyler, TX
The answer is 'no problem at all'.

I moved to Tyler 7 years ago from North Carolina. I've had DirecTV since 1996 and wanted to keep it, so we did. I use Suddenlink as my ISP and am very happy with their service.


Midland, MI
OK thanks. Just was wondering if others had a similar experience. I probably will call SL to have the internet turned on first, as we will be in the house several days before our stuff from NC arrives here in TX. After that, I will have the DTV people come in and finish up.