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Flint Hill, VA

ISPs that support 128k ISDN + router question

Hello all,

I live out in the sticks of rural Virginia - I currently get online via a very unreliable cellular connection. I am looking to supplement that (load balancing and failover in pfSense) with something more reliable. My only choice is ISDN. DSL is supposedly being installed in my area as we speak, but no ETA yet.

Anyway, can anyone recommend a dial-up ISP that actually supports 128k ISDN connections?

And if anyone can suggest a specific type of ISDN modem/router, that would be fantastic. I also plan on using the ISDN line as my telephone, so it will be connected to an Asterisk box. Can I have multiple ISDN devices connected to the same circuit?

So much to learn about this ancient technology. Any help is appreciated.




Vanleer, TN
I used MSN dialup for years on this with ISDN , popped both channels and I was paying 19.95 , try a trial and try it , nothing to loose


Rosston, TX
reply to cdub
You can have only one ISDM modem per pair of copper lines. You can bond two or more lines if your upstream ISP supports that - not likely. Check you rates for ISDN, it varies greatly between telephone companies. My 128 K from GTE (now Verizon) was like $79, but in Sprint (Embarq/CenturyLink) is was umm...something like $200 for a 64 K line.

After ISDN was introduced in late '80s, for years no one knew what to do with it. As we used to say back in 1995 we used to say it stood for "It Still Does Nothing" or "I Still Don't Know".


Vanleer, TN
reply to cdub
depends on what state your in for ISDN rates , some higher than others by quite a bit , you ll have to dig deep to see if your carrier even offers it , after that , you can search out a ISP that supports ISDN , ( both 64 channels ) or as I did for years, use MSN , SBC yahoo or another Dial that will connect both channels , if you ask a dialup they wont know what your talking about , again use trials to determine if they will connect both channels , most leave that setting on by default