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So because GAS and POWER and WATER get regulated because they are by usage when does internet get proper regulation to guarantee that the data is accurate?

What's to stop you from using 200GB and them saying 300GB and your cap is 250?? Monitoring it yourself is useless too because it's your word vs. them. They will claim your cheap router or firewall PC doesn't compare to the 100k equipment they use that is inaccurate.

Where does it end?
How is this any different from me opening a store, selling something for $5 and I say, well you still owe me one more $1 even though you gave me $5.. It should be just as much of a crime...

To make caps more fun, I can make your usage climb with you having nothing turned on but your modem... Just flood it with useless traffic... Like already happens on the net... It's like paying for spam text messages when you pay per msg.


Springfield, MO

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pretty much how i feel
if they want to have metered service then they must be classed as a ultiltiy and regulated as such and meters must be checked just each states weights and measures just like all other meters used for sales