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my 2 cents

While i don't Like metered. at least this is more fair then most. Consider this compairson Amazon EC2 hosting who is generally considered good value by most web site ops. charged 12 cents per GB for anything more then 1 GB and less 10 TB a month. thats just the bandwidth cost. not counting CPU/Storage charges. $10 for 50g works out to about 20 cents a gig. Considering the extra support overheard of a ISP this is not too bad. and the packages prices from up to 14.5 cents and 19 cents per gig. Personal I would be interested to see an ISP offer pricing starting at like $15 bucks a month for like 80 gig cap and 15 to 18 cents a gig overage and everyone gets top speed (50mbps 100 mbps whatever). make it more like your power or water bill. Personally i run about 100-120 gigs a month and i consider myself a pretty heavy user of online games and online media but that just me living alone no other famialy members. user such a plan my bill whould be about $22 bucks a month over the 56 i pay now Families with 4+ active users would pay more just like i have a $22 buck a month power bill but my neighbor with 4 kids has over $120 a month bill.