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Highland, MI
reply to HDRKC07

Re: Home Fusion Cabling Requirements

Well, I did some investigating and my daughter stopped by and downloaded 2 gig worth of movies. Surprise! Although the data usage still seems high, knowing about the download makes a difference. Yes, I am within my 14 days but my wife loves it and I will keep it. It is stable as a rock so far. I can VPN where I couldn't on my Hughesnet system. And no snow concerns. So, lots of advantages.

A couple things to watch:

1) Sign up for "MyVerizon" immediately. They are not quite up to speed yet, and the password can only be texted or mailed. Since this is my only service (phones are company), I had to have the password mailed. It took 4 days.

2) Once on MyVerizon, check your service plan. They had me signed up for a Share Everything plan with Homefusion and they were charging me $80 for 10G instead of $60. They did figure it out and fixed the account, but would have been happy to charge me the $80 if I hadn't caught it.

3) Watch your data usage during the grace period, and decide whether you are getting "data leakage" or not. I've heard both stories - yes and no.


Lebanon, IN
Thanks for the update. That kind of changes things a little. Glad you were able to find out where some of your data usage went! Is your system on 24/7 and is it part of a home network? I'm already a Verizon customer, so I'm familiar with my Verizon, but thanks for that tip. I'll definitely be monitoring data usage. I'll post back after the install and let you know how it went. One last question; any problems with Hughes when you discontinued your service? Were you on hold forever and did you have to return equipment? I own mine, but I've had it for so long they probably don't have accurate records reflecting this; so I may have a problem. Thanks again for your help and info.


Lebanon, IN
reply to nacraman
Well, had the Home Fusion install yesterday and everything at this moment appears to have went fine. The installer was a super nice guy and very knowledgeable about the system. Told me he has been doing quite a few Hughes conversions over the past several months in Central and Northern Indiana. We were able to take down the Hughes Dish and mount the HF cantenna right on that pole. Utilized the old Hughes cabling to pull the new cabling through the underground conduit to the house where the installation was pretty much remove my Linksys router and plug in the HF router. A few tweaks on some settings and I was good to go. Speeds so far have ranged on Speedtest.net 31-38 download and 14-16 upload with pings ranging 42-58. I have never experienced this kind of internet at my humble abode and the wife is very pleased!!
Called Hughes to cancel service and was on hold for about 10-15 minutes. They tried to get me to stay asking why I was leaving after all these years and even offered to have a Tech come out on Saturday to install Gen 4 at no charge with 45 day free trial no signing of contract, etc.. The Customer Service rep was very surprised when I turned down the offer. They sent me an e-mail reiterating the above offer and said it would be good for 45 days if I wanted to come back. Unless something drastic happens in the next 14 days and HF doesn't work out, I don't think I'll be taking them up on their offer. I logged onto Verizon website this am to check data usage and did note a jump of 1.2GB. I ran a data analysis and saw the time of the jump was round 1430 hours yesterday right after the install. I know he did run a couple of videos from ESPN and YouTube to show me how smooth they ran and no buffering. I'm going to keep a close watch on the data the next few days so I don't get caught in a bad situation. My current network setting are the same now as prior to the install, so any large increases in data usage will make me nervous. I'll keep you posted.


Highland, MI
I've been watching data usage and it seems to have calmed down. I also saw a .5 gig hit right after installation. Maybe it was the cantenna/modem updating?? They do give you 15 gig for the first two months (although MyVerizon says 10 gig) and maybe that's why.

I typically leave my system on 24/7, although I did turn off automatic updates on all software. That way I can monitor if data jumps are related to software upgrades.

Pretty happy so far.....

Hughesnet also offered me the Gen4 deal. I own my equipment and they figured that out quickly.

Dunno. Ask The Chief

Dawson Springs, KY
The initial (installation) month gives you the basic 10GB. The following two months are the promotional 15GB each, after which you revert to the advertised 10GB.

Former DirecPC/Direcway/HughesNet customer and forum participant since 2001