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Holy Cable Modem Batman

Washington, DC

Comcast Congestion Debunked...

The reason for Comcast's original 250GB cap for "excessive usage" is all too clear. This cap was never about addressing/preventing congestion, even though that's what Comcast wanted us to believe for years.... and even though there was an advertised "congestion management system" designed to address congestion. The "excessive usage" policy was a farce then, and it still is, even under different guise.

I posted this back in July 3, 2009 [»Re: The real reason for the cap ~by IPPlanMan~ about the "The Real Reason for the Cap":
"Comcast doesn't want alternative video sources gaining a foothold in the residential market. Hence, they have implemented a cap under the guise of excessive use. They are not applying this policy to the business tiers because these activities are not a threat in this space. Furthermore, the fact that the cap doesn't increase under Docsis 3.0 means that it's all about protecting Comcast's ondemand and premium channels. I find it very suspicious that excessive use under Docsis 3.0 is exactly the same."

Instead, Comcast removed the 250GB Usage Cap in Washington, DC and is now advertising how its speeds are "insanely" fast. Now it wants to charge for 50GB blocks in certain markets. Notice how there's there's not a single peep of "congestion" issues by Comcast or "excessive use"....

Gee... Maybe because this was all BS to begin with.
Not fooling me. Not at all.
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Look at Optimum's recent upgrades. A ton of customers are on 101/35 or 50/25. Some areas have some slight congestion based on the thread, but it isn't too bad.

It's obvious that Comcast has been lying about docsis congestion since D3.


Washington, DC
reply to IPPlanMan
We can applaud Comcast for being transparent about their caps and the fees they charge. We need the information to do side-by-side comparisons, so that real competition is possible. Once the competition is there, prices can come down (or caps go up).


Kansas City, MO
I do applaud it only cause their secret cherry picking program before that sucked..


Hazelwood, MO
reply to axus
Just out of curiosity.. When do you expect that competition to arrive and whom will it be?