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Lombard, IL

still not good enough

I do about 700/800 GB a month from illegal downloads, movies, tv, games and software. I am not counting xbox, playstation and streaming. This simply will not work for me Comcast. You guys need to find a new plan to meet my needs. I am incredibly disappointed with these 300 GB. I mean I don't have cable or satellite, how else am I going to watch Game of Thrones and True Blood and Boardwalk Empire and all the other shows I like, plus there are movies such as Oblivion with pretty boy Tom Cruise and all the other movies I like. I gots to download these in 1080p, then they look really good on my computer monitor, but they also look good on my tv. They sound awesome too because they come packed with DTS sound. It really sounds good on my 5.1 system. 300 GB will simply not do it for me. Damn it!!! You guys need to sit down and you need to look at this realistically. Ask yourselves what can you do for a guy like me, and I know there are others who agree with me. Raise this limit to 999 GB a month. If we go over it, you guys send a letter asking us what else you could do and how better you can serve us.

I am asking this nicely. You can not say I did not ask nicely. I mean, I mean we need to work on this together as a team. This is the only way our nation can grow stronger, so we can beat everybody else. Are you guys not ashamed that those damn japs are beating us again? Or who is it that has better internets than us over there on that side of the world. I mean I know we are the only ones who matter on this planet but we must be better we must.

Ok so let me know when you guys have next meeting. I have other really good ideas. No charge I promise.

Thank you kindly,



Lake Worth, FL
I loved reading this. Thank you.

Warner Robins, GA
The hourly cloud backup promoters are not happy with you. You will be visited by these experts, who will explain why all the data in a household should be backed up hourly That includes all legally downloaded video content and all those home videos people make in their lives.

This issue is similar to the "sufficient power" statements by Rolls-Royce about the engines they used. Does that "sufficient power" take into reasonable account all the reasonably predictable real world situations the operator may encounter?

A 100Mbps connection can theoretically download about 33TB of information per month, if it runs continuously. Offering about 10% of that, or 3TB, per month would seem more in line with the short to medium term projections of how the internet might be used by a family of always connected cloud people. Similar allocations could be made for other speed tiers. The 250GB cap was established when much video access via the internet was for 4:3 SD resolution content. The increase to a 300GB cap does little to address the increasing use of 720p and 1080p for legal video content. The increasing use of Netflix and Hulu type services for streaming HD content to HDTVs means the relatively low caps are only going to frustrate subscribers. Ideally, like in a Google Fiber Gigabit service area, the monthly cap would be whatever the connection is capable of. But we live in a world of services based on the oversold model, and have for decades. Airline seats, cellular mobile device services, internet access, POTS, restaurant reservations, hotel reservations, and other services are all based on an oversubscribing business model to some extent. The question is how much oversubscribing is too much oversubscribing. 300GB on a 100Mbps connection is probably indicative of 10x too much oversubscribing.