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disconnect issue since modem replacement

My modem was recently replaced after a significant speed issue was narrowed down to the old unit. Since the replacement, my connection began dropping every 1 to 3 hours. I found the issue occurs only when I have a router connected to the modem. Power cycling only the router will get my computers back online. My connection is stable with no issues when one computer is connected directly to the modem.

I understand my personal router is not supported by DSL Extreme. I must ask for help on this issue because the same router has been in service for 3 years with the old modem with no issues. Only since the modem was replaced last month has the router been dropping connection.

Can any changes be made (by me or DSLX) to either device to correct this issue before I attempt replacing the router?

modem: Comtrend CT-5072T
router: Linksys BEFSR41

Chatsworth, CA

Hmmm. Unfortunately, it's doubtful; the fact that you've got multiple computers all knocked offline simultaneously, and all restored simultaneously when the router (only) is rebooted, pretty clearly indicates an issue with the router.

Here's something to test, perhaps: when the connection goes down, are your computers still able to see each other? Eg. could you share files from one computer to another even when the internet is not available?

If you can, then it might be the PPPoE authentication in the router is failing, and we might have some success moving it to the modem. On the other hand, if you cannot share files between the computers while the internet is down, then that really means it's the router itself; time to replace.