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West Tenness

Re: I see even more adblocking in the future

said by Kearnstd:

if ISPs go fully metered we know the prices will not even be close to fair market value. Which means much to the horror of website operators I forsee a major increase in adblocking in the future. In part because ad companies do not get it, They do not get that nobody wants virus laden rich media ads.

I think people that use Ad Block don't get what when advertisers no longer pay for ads because they are being blocked then websites will have no choice but to charge for subscriptions. This fantasy world were website owners gladly spend their time and money to provide you with free content with no expectation of being reimbursed or god forbid make a profit doesn't exist.

Even THIS site I am 100% positive would go to a subscription based if they could not make any revenue by selling ad space. And before anyone says "Well the number of visitors would drop" Who cares? Those visitors aren't making them any money anyway. Trust me if you're coming to my website and I'm not making something off of you I don't want you on my site.
Space Elf
Mullica Hill, NJ

Re: I see even more adblocking in the future

The problem is compounded by the fact that ad networks do not get that by allowing virus laden ads they have only caused security professionals to encourage adblocking. Everybody I know blocks ads more due to malware and virus defense than to not see an ad.
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Hudson, NY
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Re: I see even more adblocking in the future

For me, I never use ads on my sites. I can't justify it. I tried it once. I don't have a lot of hits, but it would drive off the few hits I did get. And for what? I made about 4 cents, and lost about 10 visitors a day.

This was back before adblock, and I didn't abuse it and put upwards to 10 banners on a page, or have more ads than actual content like sites do today. I had one, small 468x60 ad. But it was enough to drive people away. I could see a decline in my analytics from when I put the banner up, and a rise when I removed it.

And it was only Adsense, not some virus provider.

I guess if you are DSLR, Gawker, or some other major provider who has to have multiple servers to handle your load, it might be profitable, but for me, it was a waste of time, and a headache.

And don't get me started on YouTube... 100k+ views, $0.07 profit.

West Tenness

Re: I see even more adblocking in the future

Well it's obvious you are not trying to make a living off of your website. It's hobby for you. I'm pretty sure the owners of DSLR are not doing this for a hobby. And even if they are they still have expenses which have to be paid for even if they are forgoing profits.