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Minneapolis, MN

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New "USG" 110, 310 and 1100 Models

Lets use this post if any info comes available about up and coming new USG UTMs.

I was told a while back from someone high up in Zyxel that the new multi processor UTMs are coming. By the Declaration of Conformity of the ZyWALL 110, it looks like that UTMs will use the same hardware.

I sure wish Zyxel would compete with Cisco and their ISA series UTMs with VERY affordable 1 and 3 year UTM sig subscriptions. Full 3 years of sigs from Cisco are $300 and the hardware is affordable. But I bet Zyxel will keep the pricing high and sell very few UTM sigs.



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According to a post at zyxelforum.de, new USG model will be ready in 2014. They'll be running with UTM software V4.x based on a new hardware platform. The new VPN models most likely won't get UTM functionality in the future. A reason for this might by limited (flash) memory.


Seattle, WA

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reply to Blueshoes
Acquisition and sig costs don't cover all the lifecycle costs: You have to maintain a service contract on Cisco, Watchguard, and SonicWall products to get tech support and firmware updates. ZyXEL doesn't require this.

I'm not saying that ZyXEL doesn't have a throughput issue to deal with, just that maintenance needs to be considered when evaluating total cost.