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Does TWC business class have lower latency then residential?

My wife is going to be working from home and they are going to install a business class line for her. I already have the ultimate package and get 55/5 up and down my latency is usually around 45ms according to speed test. Im guess im kind of curious if her business class line would have better latency than our residential. Thanks in advance.


Bangor, ME
I had residential and business class at my old location and didnt see lower latency on the BC


reply to Jeremy1976
From my understanding, as far as the regular Business Class service goes, all Internet traffic is treated as best effort. During congestion the data may receive a higher (not the highest necessarily) priority within the TWC network. It might help as far as latency related to congestion on their network, but anything past that is out of their control. Their Dedicated Internet Access (expensive) services might offer you low latency, but even then it's probably only guaranteed within their network. My experience with Business Class (including their Wideband options) seems more consistent on average compared to the residential.

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It may and may not, depends on your area.

You may see one less hop in a similar tracert with BC vs residential. BC has priority over residential.

In either case it is not going to be much, if any.


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The latency to where? At some point the laws of Physics come into play.



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reply to Jeremy1976
As far as latency goes you shouldn't see any difference.

Res vs BC only differs with the following talking points:

- You can have a static IP or DHCP. The only difference is that you will have a cable router advertising out your static IP to their internal network. Instead of you sharing a gateway with everyone else, your gateway will be the CPE installed on site. You still share the same RF path.

- Most BC service calls run out on the same day. "Most"

- Most ISPs prohibit Res accounts from hosting email and web servers based on incoming port ACLs. These rules are different for BC accounts and usually the restricted ports on Res are open for BC.

- Some ISPs allow custom hosting to where they will provide a domain, emails, webspace and a user interface to configure as the user sees fit.

- Some BC packages cost more and sometime the speed packages are different.

That is about all I can think of.


Durham, NC
reply to Jeremy1976
If her business has any TWC services they might be able to set her up with the Teleworker plan. It's business class service prices more like residential for the employee if they have to cover some of the cost. I have it on the same UBEE DDW3611 modem that I had for residential(bridged of course). The reverse record a DCHP IP address shows up like rrcs-96-10-0-0.midsouth.biz.rr.com and you can get a static IP for like $10 more. The tracecerts do show the path going thought some Business Class routers before before it leaves the TWC network. As other have said, everything else is pretty much the same. Congestion on you node probably impacts latency more then anything else. I have never had a problem hitting my speed but is is only 7down x 768kpbs up. And yes, they did over provision it sightly a few weeks ago just like they did on residential.

Dealing with B/C reps is a much more pleasant experience. However, you will probably have to do that during business hours, like 8am-5pm for any billing/plan related issues. The B/C CSR's don't work long hours like on Residential. Oh, and I haven't had to pay a modem rental fee yet or buy my own modem. They probably won't allow customer own modems on B/C.

reply to Jeremy1976
I have not noticed much better latency with Business class over residential. At work we have a symmetrical 5GB fiber connection from Time Warner. When doing speed tests from speedtest.net to the Syracuse, NY server which is hosted by TW Ping times are typically 5-7 ms, at home I get either 0 or 3 ms for the most part. Just VPN’d into our Exchange server and did a few tests. First a Ping to Google, Second a Ping to Yahoo and Third a tracert to Google.

Work: 5Gb/5Gb Business Class Fiber

Home: 50Mb/5Mb Residential

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