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[Exede] SOLVED! My turn for disappearing bandwidth

Been a Dish/Exede 12 customer since mid June of '12 and until today, I have enjoyed exemplary service and accurate bandwidth monitoring. I have always used routers with bandwidth monitoring on board and it has been 1:1 with the Dish BW monitor before and after the monitor change...until last night.

My reset date is on the 10th of the month and I checked shortly after 0000 GMT and the BW meter had reset to zero on both the "Off Peak" and "Anytime" charts. I did some routine browsing/email checks and an 820MB download of a linux .iso file last night but no movies, cloud stuff or other intensive use. This morning, my "Anytime" usage shows 3.6 GB remaining so 6.4 GB has just disappeared into the Exede ether.

For the record, I use linux exclusively on all my computers...no windows viruses, no wifi leakage since the radios are turned off on my router. My router bw chart for the last 24 hrs. shows no usage other than the above mentioned. My modem has been connected continuously for over 11 days, so no looping issue is at work here.

I called Dish Tech Support this morning and the gentleman took my info and asked me to reset my modem today and call back tomorrow...I could have a bad modem (just went bad with the bw reset????) or they might have to refer it to Exede. We shall see.
After resetting the modem (plug pulled 2 min), the connection promptly came up so there was no modem looping problem after the reset.


After being unable to access the Dish BW meter all day yesterday, this morning it had been reset to 0 usage. I am pleasantly surprised.