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Skokie, IL

Comcast is run by inteligentlly challenged, thieves.

Mr. Roberts,

I am absolutely certain that when shareholders and board of directors appointed you as CEO, you deserved it. I am also certain that as someone in leadership role you always look for, believe, and practice the mission that keeps you motivated and provides you with leadership position you deserve.

However, I am writing to you with how your vision is being muddied every day in the trenches, you call customer service area. I just finished my excruciating conversation ( second conversation and third live chat) with those on your payroll that execute your vision everyday. All I can say is " shame on them" .

I grew up with Comcast and it's predecessor. Had been a client since 1993, I finally severed my and my parents tie . Feel like I a, breaking up a relationship, because I believe you have superior product. I believe I would pay more than AT&T, VERIZON, CLEAR , and other providers for your services, but what a shame that your followers destroy what you built.

To summarize my experience, I will narrow it down to treatment with following bullet points comments from your followers / employees/ and if they have 401k, then shareholders who provided me with:

. Slammed me into a package when I moved to my new place and raised the price
. Hung up on me ( live chat ) When had no answer
. Provided me with an answer that included " let me set your expectations straight" ( all on live chat available for your review , I am sure )
. Kept me on hold ( when I called ) for 45 minutes, after talking to me and inability to solve my problem
. Telling me that 30 day guarantee doesn't apply to me because I am not a new customer ( that really won me over.... Been with you since 1993)
. Offering to solve my problem ( price driven ) by INCREASING THE PRICE!!!

And finally loosing me forever. I have to tell you, I feel released. I don.t know why my family and I both paid over 100 dollars a month ( jointly) to receive the abuse. I wanted to write to you on my last remaining 24 hours of Comcast Internet to have a closure. I am sorry for your business, but you can't sustain growth on subpar service your staff is providing. In today's works with increased competition with Roku, Apple Tv, WiFi and other tools, I don't know where you are heading.

I feel like I am leaving an old friend, but I think I owe you an explanation, as I am sad but relieved to be free from abusive front line "service providers" . You can search all the context of my desperate venture for solution and service if you wish.