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[DSL] Sagemcom Unlock question and use of other modems.

I want to unlock my Sagemcom 2864 for telnet and line stats out of curiosity mostly, but also to close the internet facing open ports (50001 and any others). I know that my line is on a 17a profile for the Teksavvy 25/10 unlimited plan.

What could the legal implication be from unlocking a fully purchased Sagemcom?
Do Bell reserve the right to deny DSL service if they cannot push firmware upgrades or do not have direct administrative access to the modem from their remote?
Can the modem be blacklisted and never work again even if I reflash it to factory firmware & settings?

On a side note, I may soon get my hands on a Netgear VEVG2500 or DGND3800B. I would like to test it on the line. Is there anything I need to be aware of before doing so? If the test is successful, can I use it indefinitely on my line or are there issues I need to know in regard to Bell's policies or system (I am fairly certain that my remote is not a stinger)?

Thank you,


Ottawa, ON

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I can't speak to the legal implications with respect to Bell but I use a Huawei HG610 on 25/10 and it's rock solid. Then again the Sagemcom in passthrough mode works just fine on my line too.