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Re: [Bill] Furious about erroneous modem rental fee

I've also experienced this problem the last few months. I received the audit letter from Comcast that I haven't been paying a rental fee and will be charged $7/month going forward. I've never rented a modem and always owned my own ever since I moved to Comcast territory in 2003. I called them and they claimed they did not see the charge on my account and will make a note in my account that I own the modem.

I then received an email two weeks later confirming a service appointment to replace my modem with a comcast rental. I called to cancel the appointment and told customer service that I did not make the appointment. Customer server stated there is a rental charge on my account which she will reverse.

I received a 2nd audit letter a few days ago stating the same thing as the first. I called customer service once again and they stated I would not be charged and will receive no more letters.. I'll be keeping a close eye on my account.

Wyoming, MI
FWIW, I was told a couple of years ago that whenever there is a "change" on one's account (upgrade/downgrade, etc) that the little box on their computer system defaults to Comcast owned modems. Also, that when calling to provision a modem the phone person has to specifically tick the box for customer owned.

Back then, my modem became Comcast's the next billing cycle after I had a tech visit. I was also promised to have the charges reversed but in the end, I gave up as I never kept the Circuit City receipt.

This is a pretty good revenue stream for Comcast - $$ each month for equipment the customer owns, lol.

Andover, NJ
said by FureverFurry:


This is a pretty good revenue stream for Comcast - $$ each month for equipment the customer owns, lol.

Yes it is a good revenue stream and one that keeps giving for Comcast long onto the future: Remember you have to return Company Owned Modems when you leave Comcast. They can turn around and re-issue your modem and collect the rental fee from the next customer! LOL

The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.


reply to FureverFurry
That could explain it.. I upgraded to blast about a month before I started receiving the letters. I purchased the modem from Amazon so I can reprint the invoice if ownership of the modem is contested.