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[Signals] Zoom 5341J: High uncorrectables on two channels

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Suspect channels marked with red arrows
Hello all,

I have noticed since around the first part of this year (Well before all this heat so I don't think that is a factor) that two of the channels on my modem have been going batty with uncorrectables. Now, I haven't noticed anything anecdotally out of the ordinary, such as lag spikes or stalls (Other than usual YouTube slowness and Firefox's unwillingness to load an entire page the first time necessitating refreshes) but I haven't gamed or streamed heavily (What I do stream is not live, so it buffers very quickly and then it's done and loaded).

I used to have very low correctables (as well as flawless dBmV, SNR and downstream/upstream power and the last time I called Comcast for my upstream numbers to the CMTS, they said it all looked good) when I first got the connection set up and this is a new modem. Comcast performed repairs in my area around the time this started occurring but not sure if it is the cause. I thought it would pass over time but it has not. I have done complete factory resets on the modem and without fail, the uncorrectables start climbing on those two channels only. That screenshot is after about 45 days of uptime.

I know this is an academic question as I can't notice anything, but is there something wrong with my connection or could this cause issues later as I rely on the connection more for real time delivery (Thinking of getting an internet TV service like Roku, Hulu, Apple TV etc)? I'm not sure if this is something I can address as they ran all new RG-6 w/loss-less couplers from the modem homerun, splitter and out to the pole and my splitter is properly terminated and all extraneous cabling removed so as not to cause egress or introduce any RF issues.

Thanks for any replies.


109 people don't know?

Oh well, was worth a shot...

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Jackson, MI

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said by MisterP:

109 people don't know?

Oh well, was worth a shot...

Well, no location given, so hard to determine whether it's local to you, or regional based. Also, if you've been on this forum for any length of time, I'm sure you know who to send PMs to (for Comcast service) if your question hasn't been answered in the timeframe you would like it to be.

Keep in mind that this is a public MB which caters to many ISPs and their reps look at many posts here. 109 views doesn't mean there were 109 people that could assist you with your issue. More likely, 109 people either have an issue, or looking to see who answered you, or are just curious, like me.

Thing is, you really need to contact your local provider techs to determine what the real issue is first. That'll either give you more info to solving your issue, or make things worse...in which case you could come here for answers again, or advice.

EDIT: I am not an internet tech. I am not knowledgeable about your particular modem. There may be a simple explanation for your issue, but I cannot provide it. I am simply offering advice as a consumer.
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