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Streamwood, IL

DSL Circuit Rebuild

A friend with DSL spent about 1.5 or 2 hours on the phone Sunday morning. He was told, after a multitude of tests that the problem was a bad Speedstream 5100. I took my old Siemens 4100 over. Same symptoms when we hooked it up.... Sync, but almost no surf. Pings to the gateway perfect. Pings farther had a lot of loses. Webpages would take a really long time and mostly time out or sometimes come up partially.

So with the new modem in place, he called support again. Long testing of lots of things at his end. Several remote reboots (or whatever they were). Maybe another 1.5 hours in, the support person said he would do (I think have done by somebody else) a circuit rebuild. I think that is often called a rip and rebuild.

In less than five minutes, everything was great.

Why not do that earlier in the process?


Corbin, KY
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because it is always easier to blame problems on us customers or our out of warranty equipment.

only after you show them that you have tested the BAD hardware at another location with no problems or brought in a known good modem from another location and experience the same problems with the good hardware at your location will they even consider that it could be an issue on their end. that's how they are trained!!!

Algonquin, IL
reply to StillLearn
Actually a rip and rebuild is the most common form of troubleshooting, although honestly it shouldn't be necessary anymore due to session time outs.

I'd be curious if it was at the DSLAM or BRAS level. But I agree it shouldn't be necessary.
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