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San Jose, CA

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Finding technical job in Silicon Valley from Chicago - how?

I am recent graduate with Bachelor in IT from good college in Chicago with 2 years of after-graduate work experience and two internships. I have CCNA I have to renew due this October for CCNA SP or CCNP. When I graduated in 2010, I was looking for employment in entry-level network support-engineering through job boards online and my college career center with not much luck. Eventually I found entry-level basic tech support job with IBM in Iowa. Basically I remotely rebooted systems, troubleshoot server applications, worked on incident tickets, occasional small projects like helping vendors encrypt data on some servers by acting as proxy to deploy s/w agents. Eventually I found job with Allstate in Northbrook and moved back, for little higher level 2 position in NOC that involved basically less/more the same role and also doing servers only, far from troubleshooting network or anything other than troubleshooting physical/virtual Windows servers. After working there whole year, I recently lost my job and I am back looking for a job full-time again.

I was thinking about applying to Silicon Valley but how many employers there hire out of state applicants with limited experience when they most likely have plenty local? One time I had pre-sceening interview with Sophos in Santa Clara, but as soon as they learned I am still physically in IL they backed out even though I assured them I would travel and relocate on my own expense.

With kind of work experienced I described how can I best apply myself? In addition I did 2 internships while in school which were few months, one with JP Morgan chase as Business Systems Analyst.

If it helps I am bilingual and speak Polish but unless my language is in demand somewhere, it won't help.

The best idea in my mind I came up with is try to act like a local and have several job interviews lined up for some week and travel to the area where I applied during that week. Any ideas? Suggestions? Thanks!

Ach Du Lieber
Premium,ExMod 2002-05
Seaside, CA

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Tech placement agency.

Robert Half (and Volt Technical) has offices everywhere; they take a bigger cut out of your initial contract rate, but you'll get your foot in the door which gets you out here with a job. And you **might** even be able to get your initial interview or two via Skype. If they're really interested then you get called in for an in-person. And even then, sometimes they'll even cover some or all of the costs if you let them know you'll relocate for the position.

There are many more agencies - better than Robert Half; I just name dropped to get you in the right mindset. Check around.

I once interviewed for a position in Oregon; they (the client) were willing to pay relocation costs. It was quite a lucrative deal but in my particular circumstances I would have had to maintain my residence in California and also pay to live in Oregon and it would have ended up being a slight pay "cut" for me once all expenses were calculated in (even the per-diem). Your mileage may vary.

[edit]to add, I currently reside in Seaside (about 60 miles from San Jose). There's not a lot to do up here and good (affordable) areas are hard to find. Just landed a 2br/1ba house rental and I'm paying $1600/mo. But then I'm a mile and a half from the beach...Silicon valley will be even more expensive unless you are looking in the ghetto-type areas, and believe me - there are a lot of them.

Gangs have been an increasing problem up here (Marina/Seaside) for the last several years or so. And it's only getting worse since the expansion of Salinas... Don't be fooled by the inexpensive rents in Northern Salinas. The expansion took place during the boom but now, everyone I work with says DON'T MOVE THERE because it's just not safe to go out at night...

If you're serious and stuck on Silicon Valley, look into Gilroy for your living arrangements. It's about 20 or so miles outside of San Jose. Rents are cheaper, but you'll be faced with a commute and there's only one way in and one way out. The 101 freeway.

If I were you, I'd be looking at Irvine (Orange County CA) or even Colorado or Arizona - for the data center jobs...In fact, I can give you a reference to an agency in Irvine that may be able to help place you...

- FM
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