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Bully Spotter
Lompoc, CA

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reply to LocutusBorg

Re: [Bill] Furious about erroneous modem rental fee

said by LocutusBorg:

we need to file a class action fraud suit against them

Only winners here are the lawyers. I've found going to the local office to be the best alternative.


said by flibby3655:

Only winners here are the lawyers.

That's a bogus argument and needs to be put to rest. The lawyers get a big chunk of the money because they're the ones who organize, oversee, and execute the case. DUH! Not sure why this is such a difficult thing to understand or what people's expectations are. Class action lawsuits are often opt-out, which means the affected individuals are automatically included and participation requires no effort on their part.

Just what exactly are people's expectations for their effort of opening a mailer and reading an opt-out class action letter?

said by flibby3655:

I've found going to the local office to be the best alternative.

The OP said he had already called them numerous times about this. You don't think that's enough? You think he should drive down to the "local office" (could easily be 30+ minutes away) where he will likely hear the exact same nonsense he heard over the phone? People have enough crap going on in their lives without having to try and stay on top of a billion dollar company's screwy billing practices.


Wow this is un-freaking-believable! This same EXACT issue has happened to me. I have always owned my own modem since signing up for high speed internet service back in 2004. I started off with a Motorola SB5100, and then subsequently switched over too a Zoom 5341J back in January of this year. I have NEVER been charged a modem lease fee. About 2 months ago, I noticed that they have magically tacked on a $7.00 modem lease fee. I have tried multiple times (thinking about the whole ordeal just boils my blood) to get this charge removed with little success. I spoke with their billing department last week, and the rep was able to credit me for the 2 months that I was charged and ASSURED me that the problem would be alleviated. Low and behold, I get the bill for August, and what do I see -- the same $7.00 charge for a modem rental. Again, I had to take time out of my day to dispute this charge. The person I ended up speaking with had no idea why the charge was still there or how to remove it. He confirmed that there were incident notes on my account logged for my previous call. He ended up "escalating" the issue to the next support tier, and I was told they'd reach out to me -- this was on Monday.

With all due respect...WTF.


I am also having the same issue. I called and tried to get help. I spent >30 minutes on hold, got the run around, then was transferred to a very rude rep who said I had to call from home. Called again -- from home-- and got someone more reasonable who removed the charges. And, also, now on the August bill - it's back again. Now I am in chat and getting the same run around. My favorite part is when they ask me to FAX in a receipt. FAX it!