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Washington, DC
reply to FitChicago

Re: [CATV] Al Jazeera America

I'll be interested to see how RCN handles this, as well.

Here in DC, we have a pair of independent, non-commercial over-the-air stations, WNVC-DT and WNVT-DT, that broadcast a dozen standard-definition international sub-channels between them. For example, some of the networks they broadcast are NHK World, France 24, Ethiopian Television, China Central TV, etc, etc. RCN carries ten of these channels, I think. But a few years ago, one of these channels switched from BVN, a network from The Netherlands, to Al Jazeera English. RCN abruptly deleted this channel from the lineup, and in multiple inquiries as to why they refused to carry Al Jazeera English (a separate channel from Al Jazeera America, mind you), RCN would not offer an explanation whatsoever. So I would not be the slightest bit surprised to see Current TV disappear from the lineup on 20 August. We shall see what happens.


Bethlehem, PA

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I am not aware that RCN Lehigh Valley or RCN Philadelphia carry Current TV. Maybe it is broadcast as part of another channel.

The Department of State has the following comment on their website:
The United States established diplomatic relations with Qatar in 1972 following its independence from the United Kingdom. Bilateral relations are strong, with the United States and Qatar coordinating closely on regional diplomatic initiatives and cooperating to increase security in the Persian Gulf. The two countries have a defense pact, and Qatar hosts CENTCOM Forward Headquarters. Qatar has supported North Atlantic Treaty Organization and U.S. military operations in the region. Hundreds of Qataris study in the United States, and several U.S. universities have branch campuses in Qatar.

Certainly no obvious reason to black out their news organization.


Chicago, IL
reply to machpost
Current TV is broadcast on channel 326 in all RCN markets (Except the Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley markets where Current TV is not offered).

On 20 August 2013 Current TV becomes Al Jazeera America ( »america.aljazeera.com/ ) which has the potential to be a top-notch news outlet where actual journalism will be at the forefront.

Let me rephrase my question:
In the markets that RCN broadcasts Current TV on 20 August will subscribers receive Al Jazeer America???


Bethlehem, PA
said by FitChicago:

Current TV is broadcast on channel 326 in all RCN markets (Except the Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley markets where Current TV is not offered).

I hope they add it to the Philadelphia and LV markets as well.