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Ottawa, ON
·TekSavvy DSL

[DSL] Sagemcom and/or another router?

So I finally decided to go forward with 25/10 DSL in September, and now I have a network architecture decision to make.

I'm going to have the Sagemcom gateway, and my trusty Netgear WNR3500L (using stock firmware, never bothered with anything else since it works nicely as is). So I'm wondering what people typically do when they get the Sagemcom, I see my options as follows:

1) Just use the Sagemcom for all my routing purposes.
2) Passthrough and just use the WNR3500L
3) Use both?

I'm moving to a decent sized house, and I thought it might be useful to use both routers for better wifi coverage if necessary (or to use one for pure Wireless N, and the other for legacy b/g, on different channels). I read somewhere that some people have successfully been able to set up a router as a dummy access point and have it share the same SSID, I wounder if that's simple enough to set up?

I'm also planning on using wiring up the house with cat5e or cat6 for my desktop, network printer, living room TV, and for my work laptop (I do huge file transfers to the server at the corporate office through a VPN).

I read that the sagemcom can do 5GHz Wireless N, while my WNR3500L sadly can only do 2.4GHz. Since I never had 5GHz before, does it make a huge difference?

I'm not in the market for buying a new router quite yet, but I'm open to suggestions that are sub $100 if a newer router would blow all of my options out of the water in terms of performance.

For reference, typical wifi devices would be:
1-2 laptops
2 Smartphones
2 Tablets

Any thoughts/opinions are greatly appeciated