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[CenturyTel] Having lots of packet loss and high pings.

I had issues when I started my service with Century Link, they came out and fixed now almost two years later, connection is back to being terrible, I've wired directly into the modem, I'm not sure if I can call, will they actually do anything over high ping and packet loss?

My last ping test: »/pingt ··· /3073233


I called them and the lady I talked to was very disrespectful to me, she treated me like an idiot and refused to give me any kind of answers while constantly putting me on hold and asking me to create .txt logs to email to her and centurylink.

Then she told me to "Wait a few days and call back on Friday" before practically hanging up on me. I pay for this service and I get treated as if this was somehow my fault. The log I created was clearly flawed as it ended one hop too early, and gave false results, but she didn't care to help me fix this, she just said "It's something we have to look into it, please wait until Friday." and then told me Goodbye.

She was no help and actually left me more confused then when I started where as before I thought for sure it was an issue with the she now had me convinced it was something with me due to that tracert log but then she said it wasn't anything on my end and hung up.


Houston, TX
There is no excuse for that kind of treatment. You should have asked for a supervisor & voiced your complaint. She couldn't deny it because every call is recorded.

If it were me, I would've asked for your permission to gain remote access into your computer & collected the information myself. None of that do this, do that, email it to me crap for me.

Occasionally problems like your will be referred to Tier 3 or higher. In that case you should be advised to leave your modem on and you will be contacted in 24 - 48 hrs.


reply to EmoHobo
I think it may be a bandwidth exhaust issue, as it was running fine until about noon or so and then it shot up to the hundreds from about twenty or so, the same hop causing that issue, which is actually on the Router watch list: »/badro ···