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How easy is it to get DSL later?

I plan to move soon and plan to get my phone hooked up ASAP prob threw the local AT&T store. However id like to add DSL a month or so later if possible via there website. What all would i need to do to add the service via the website? What all info would i need and where would i get the info?


Cookeville, TN
Basically go to their web site and input the address of the house and see if they offer to hook up DSL to it.

Even if the offer it there is no guarantee that they will actually install it based on what I've read in the forums. Some areas are too over sold to have an open port to plug your house into while in some areas they are phasing out DSL in favor of the more versatile (can we say more expensive) U-Verse system they are trying to get people to use.

Just because neighbors on either side or in the same apartment building have DSL does not guarantee they will ever hook up DSL for you.

As I said all you can do is try their web site and see if the offer it and then hope they actually come out and hook it up for you.

As for what they need, it's usually just your address and your phone number they are going to piggyback the DSL onto.