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Laval, QC
·TekSavvy DSL

another cheap low quality provider

i started my subscription for ADSL service at 30.Jul (and i have been charged immediately)
i got my service up Aug.8

the first bag thing was that i am below the minimum speed they guaranty - the explanation i got was that quality of my line is too bad and that is why i cant reach better speed (which is BS!)

second - after several tickets i still do not have my static IP address - the explanation i got was that they have 72 hours to respond on the ticket and because i update the ticket 2 times i have to wait 72 hours after each of the updates i made (unbelievable !)

the free VoIP phone i suppose to have with my ADSL service was another struggle

my overall impression from Acanac is bad, i am inquiring for another provider and i do not recommend Acanac at all

Acanac Inc
Mississauga, ON
You can post your modem stats and we should be able to see your line quality. This is not hidden information. It speaks for it's self. Have you considered Cable if DSL is not giving you the required speeds?

Also this is one of the reason why we offer a 30 day money back. We have no real way of knowing your speeds until your and running.