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Orlando, FL
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Re: Muni Fiber is Bad

said by MURICA:

It IS bad.

XMission has bandwidth caps.

I would take Time Warner/Verizon/Frontier's slower, corporate greed trash over capped muni fiber any day. What the hell is the point of fiber with a cap?

Time Warner's 30/5 Mbps tier allows you to transfer over 10 terabytes of data in one month, assuming you keep it saturated the entire time. That is ten times the amount of data transfer that XMission allows on their fiber plans.

Pretty sad when a 30 Mbps connection allows you to do more than a 100 Mbps connection.

Um yeah... I'll take 30/5 for $100 vs 100/100 for $35 because they have a cap that's very reasonable.


Salt Lake City, UT

BTW: I have XMission as my FTTH provider and have been breaking this soft 1TB cap fairly regularly for the past couple of months...

Now I can look forward to getting a nice $10 price reduction next month as well since I've been paying $45/month for 100Mb/s service when I got the fiber installed...

Also, this ISP is interested in actually shielding customers from warrantless authorities: »arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2013 ··· privacy/

Yeah, I'm not interested in leaving these guys for another provider anytime soon!