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Router loses connection to all devices when TVbox disconnect

I have a pretty weird bug that I am unable to get much information on via google.

My parents subscribed to the cheapest Verizon fios tv package recently and I helped them set up the wiring/connections with the box. After setting it up, the TV works fine and the internet works fine but whenever we unplug or hard shutdown the STB box, the router would automatically drop all connections to any devices that's connected to it for about 30 seconds before it reconnects.

The current set up is that we have the fiber coaxial cable coming from the outside and that is connected to a splitter. The splitter splits it two ways and one goes to the router/modem nearby and the other side of the splits connects to the TV across the house.

This is the splitter I purchased from amazon:


I tested it some more and this only occurs if the coaxial cable is removed or if the STB box is hard shut down. I have my desktop and my ps3 directly connected to the router via ethernet and whenever this occurs, I can still access my router via and I can ping that IP, but I cannot ping anything else on the network including the PS3. When I check the network status on the router's webpage, both the icon for my pc and the ps3 on the status page would be grayed out for about 30 seconds before it reconnects.

Has this happened to anyone before in the past? I thought maybe that I brought the wrong type of splitter but it doesn't seem to be the case when i did some research. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.


Long Beach, CA
·Verizon FiOS
not sure if it has anything to do with this... but the timing is impeccable
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I don't disconnect or shutdown boxes but will be testing that factor today to see if it is associated

ya splitter not the issue thinking its something they (Verizon) did


I gave Verizon tech support after work today and thank god the guy didn't make me walk through all the basic troubleshooting steps. I'm in tech support so we went straight to the problem. I reset the modem to factory default settings and we ended up unplugging everything except for the router/STB box and my computer and started plugging some stuff in one by one and tested it out and even with just my PC/PS4/STB Box/Verizon Modem plugged in, it would still occur.

At this point we concluded that it might be the coaxial splitter that it doesn't look like it's a hardware issue. I suspected that it might be the splitter to begin with and when he spoke with a level 2 person, the level 2 guy said that it might be happening because the splitter is "bi-directional". I'm going to try ordering the regular splitter they normally use for installations to see if that's the case. Will update after I get it to see if that's the issue.

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West Chester, PA
·Cricket Broadband
·Verizon FiOS
reply to craze
That Amazon splitter is a power passing splitter, which leaves it open to passing voltage spikes on the coax through it.

I would replace it just for that reason, because technically, everything should be DC isolated.

Power passing is for satellite use, or if you have something actually being powered through the coax(antenna pre-amp, remote control extender, rotator, etc.), of which nothing on Fios is.

Not that I would waste any time dealing with Radio Shack, but they probably could sell you a inline DC block for a small fortune to make up for the problem that the splitter is likely causing.

Preferably, you should get a good name brand CATV type splitter, like this,
because they don't pass static surges or DC.


Brooklyn, NY
reply to craze
if service was installed during the last 90 days it should still be under warranty, ask to have a tech dispatched out. most likely its that splitter