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res vs bus use

the caps should reflect residential use. 1tb is arbitrary.. you could reach 1tb maxing out a 100mbit connection in a few days of 24/7 use. spread out over a month that's still (far from it) not necessarily commercial grade use. commerical grade use would be a few dozen terabytes by comparison. remember, Verizon gets annoyed somewhere in the 40 - 75 terabytes range to see if consumers are running servers on residential accounts.

it would be nice to have all routers come with a bandwidth counter that shows your "MONTHLY" usage stats. this way consumers can figure out how much bandwidth they consume. with the wide availability of video that number has probably ballooned at or over the terabyte range-- provided you have the bandwidth capable of downloading video in a reasonable time period-- otherwise you might be discouraged to do so.. say on a below 10 megabit tier (you'd probably be more inclined to download SD video vs HD video, for example). caps for wireline should only be there to reflect commercial grade usage in TOS.. not a specific number. utilizing your full speed for a significant # of calendar days (24-30/30) reflects a commerical grade usage since thats far beyond the pale of data even a large family would use for video data on 100+mbit connections.

some ISPs use caps as a way of protecting video services... muni companies tend to not have video as a significant revenue stream so there is no real reason for abitrarily low caps. BTW, Time Warner keeps alive various caps outside of their competitive markets. Comcast bullies certain high-volume customers into buying business grade accounts with high usage.. even before Verizon did.. you could easily see this trickle down without competition into low caps & overages comparable with what you have with wireless data plans-- the slipperly slope various ISPs keep seeing if they can get away with. if you take your head out of the sand and keep up with the press releases and management statements you will see it from time to time.