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[modem/router] Westell 7500 modem/router - want to add DLink DIR

I am using a Westell 7500 modem/router without any issue, other than the fact that it doesn't provide the speed on my network that a recently purchase DLink DIR657 Media Router claims to provide. In other words, I want to take advantage of the higher speed wireless adapters we have at home already.

I THINK that what I need to do is use the modem/router which is to connect to internet, then attach the DLink which is to that, and then use the wireless on the new router.

However, I cannot figure out what needs to be connected to which ports, and how to get the DLink set up probably so that it's actually doing anything. I'm not an airhead when it comes to performing the tasks needed, but I think I require help knowing what those tasks are in the first place. Can someone please help a guy out?


Re: [modem/router] Westell 7500 modem/router - want to add DLink

Is this for CenturyLink or for Verizon?

If it's for CenturyLink, I can move you to that forum for help. Let me know, please.


Sorry. Centurylink. I was so frustratedi didn't even realize I was posting in the wrong place. L

Not a problem. I understand frustration.

Hold on and I'll get you moved.

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North Las Vegas, NV
reply to jgbarnes
The easiest way is to connect the WAN port on the Dlink to one of the LAN ports on the Westell. Set the Dlink WAN settings to Auto/DHCP. Disable the wireless on the Westell. If you don't do online gaming, or need ports forwarded from the router to a device on the network, then this method should work for you. This method also allows easy access to the Westell and Dlink admin pages.

The recommended method would be to put the Westell in Bridge mode and have the Dlink get the public IP from the CL network. You would need to know if you are in a DHCP or PPPoE area. If PPPoE, you will need to get your PPPoE Username and Password from CL Support to enter into the WAN settings page on the Dlink. If in a DHCP area, the Auto/DHCP setting on the WAN page of the Dlink is all you need (unless you pay extra for a static IP). You would connect it the same way, LAN port on Westell to WAN port on Dlink. With this method, you lose easy access to the admin page of the Westell (but you really no longer need it since the modem is bridged).


High Point, NC
reply to jgbarnes
1st off the Westell 7500 does not support bridge mode.

What speed are you referring to that the westell doesnt provide? Your new dlink supports speeds up to 300mbps BUT you are at most getting 10mbps service from Centurylink if they gave you a westell. Using the dlink is NOT going to make your speed any faster then the 10m you are paying for. I dont believe you will see any difference if you are using it to watch movies and videos off the internet, if you are using it to watch off an SD card which the dlink can do then thats another story. You can still plug the Dlink into the westell and just shut off the wireless on the westell.

Only a 660 or PK5001Z will support bridge mode from centurylink.


Minneapolis, MN
reply to jgbarnes
1. Open your favorite browser and navigate to
2. Log in using your user name and password, if never changed the default is admin / password
3. Go to My Network > Network Connections (left menu)
4. Click on Broadband connection.
5. Click on the edit icon in the VC’s table (bottom table).
6. Set Protocol to Bridge.
7. Set Bridge mode to Bridge.
8. Hit apply to save changes.

so that isnt there if you follow that


reply to tkob1060
I found a place to set "bridge" on the Westell as all the searches I've done indicated, so that's why I felt I could bridge it. I don't care what we are getting from the internet, which I believe is usually the full 10 I'm paying for. I want to stream files from my computer to the PlayOn software, and to my bluray players in the house, at a faster speed.

It's not about the Internet speed; it's about the router speed for the internal network inside the house. Would the mean I could just turn off wireless on the Westell and turn it on for the Dlink?

If so, I guess my questions would be:

(1) From what jack on the Westell to what jack on the Dlink do I connect?
(2) Even though the wireless is then managed by Dlink, do all devices still get internet service?

You seem to really know what you're talking about, so I'll await your reply at your convenience.

Thanks in advance!