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Durham, NC

Do a little research folks

Looking of GFiber's site shows that for those worried about the support of the Network TV and Storage Boxes, firmware updates are done in the background so long as the device is online. The fee structure seems to include the first TV box, each additional TV box is $5/month.

$120 tier gives you 2TB local storage box 1TB GDrive/Gmail cloud storage, full channel line up (you still pay more for HBO and the like, optionally) Nexus 7 tablet as your remote along with 1GB symmetrical. Install fee is waived for this and the $70/month tier.

Looking at just the channel line up alone, Sat and Cablecos would charge $100+ for a matching package before equipment and other fees.

Gfiber is a sweet deal. Regardless of it's longevity, if you can get it, get it and work it. Here's the skinny on what you owe based on the tier.

Free internet tier requires that you pay the $300 install fee.
$70 Tier - Keep the service for 1 year and pay nothing upon cancellation, otherwise you owe $25 for each month short of one year's service.
$120 Tier - Keep the service for 2 years and pay nothing upon cancellation, otherwise it's the same as the $70 tier for each month short of 2 years. For the devices, when you keep the service for 2 years, upon cancellation, you keep the tablet and storage box. Otherwise you can return them in working condition or buy them from Google based on a prorated market value.

Clearly this is a contract but unlike the incumbents, there's no promotional pricing that ends and balloons your bill. At the end of the prescribed periods, you monthly costs stay the same(taxes and muni-fees may change). A flat model with juicy stuff.

I'm not a shill for GOOG. I just like finding a good deal on telcom service. This is good deal.