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reply to skeechan

Re: Yay, predatory pricing returns to Comcast

said by skeechan:

The incumbent is not allowed to charge different prices to different people for the same product unless it can be demonstrated that the cost to deliver the product is different. You don't have to prove the effect after the fact. The law says it is illegal if the result MAY happen.

As I stated, Google is not the first cable overbuilder to come along. This has been tested many times. The incumbent is allowed to meet the challenger's pricing -- provided they do so at above cost. There is no obligation to reduce the price in other cities that do not have a challenger.

In fact, on further research, telecommunications are exempt entirely from the Act:


By contrast, courts have concluded that the Act does not apply to intangible products such as cellular telephone service and cellular telephone activation service; 14 the printing of comic books;15 newspaper advertising; 16 real estate leases; 17 long distance voice telecommunications services; 18 and cable television service. 19 When a transaction involves both the sale of goods and the sale of services, the Act applies "only if the 'dominant nature' of the transaction is a sale of goods."20

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You're right. CATV is exempted as it is not a commodity (which is strange since a commodity is ANY marketable good or service that satisfies a want). Comcast subs in other markets get to subsidize Comcast's predatory pricing vs Google. Yay! Let's celebrate all the other Comcast subs seeing price increases to pay for this!
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