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Florissant, MO

U-verse down for 2 days

Monday 8/12/2013 downgraded from U450 to Basic. By Wednesday 8/14/2013 the television signal had been downgraded not only in viewing selections but also in quality. By Thursday 8/15/2013, the constant signal freezes and total disconnects were so bad (and lengthy) that we gave up and re-installed the antenna. Tried to call AT&T but the phone was also out. Called support via the cellphone, but the rep really offered no help nor an explanation.

To his credit, he managed to successfully parrot my initial query "Is there an outage in my area?" then offered to "call me back every 5 minutes with a service update" (sarcasm! how refreshing)

My Services:
AT&T U450 TV
AT&T 25Mb Internet
AT&T Phone Unlimited
3 Cellphones w/Unlimited Family Share
....And contracts that expired June 2013

So what's next?
Well let me just say "Thank you Raj for providing such horrible service. It reminded us that a decent antenna is all that we ever really needed.... $120 saved! Then we really began thinking. Since we're always on the mobiles, we decided that we could also do without a home phone....$40 saved! Lastly, Charter promised me 12 months of internet that will save me $25!

So once again, Thanks Raj. If not for your obvious lack of concern and acerbic wit, I likely would have quietly held my place in line, dishing out half of a new car payment for TV, Internet, Phone services. Thanks so much.


Mauldin, SC
·AT&T Southeast
Hopefully, your Charter is better than ours. Here, 12 months of Charter would actually equal about 6 months of service.
As for Raj, I feel your pain. I sat online for about an hour one time listening to a guy named John (yeah right) attempting to persuade me to change every setting on my computer. I finally got online via dialup while waiting for him, only to discover that it was an area outage. To his credit, John did attempt to take credit for repairing my connection.


Florissant, MO
Been trying to get this issue repaired since 8/14. Sad part is that they know what the problem is. If the promised repair isn't done by Sunday 8/25, I'll have a chance to find out how Charter service is on Monday 8/26.

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