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[Mobility] Telus Performance

I received a marketing telephone call on my cell phone today, one of many, many such calls, this time from a person named Renu in New Delhi, India. She identified herself as calling from "Telus Performance", and, that she was "calling on behalf of Telus", and asked for me by my full name - so she must have access to that information from some source.

Parenthetically - and not necessarily about this call in particular, but about the whole cell phone/telemarketing thing - they always try to entice you with something ostensibly "free", but only if you do something that's not free, which is typically along the lines of committing to a three year contract at a rate of 'x' dollars a month, with 'x' free minutes a month. The company knows of course that most people will go well beyond those 'free' minutes, and the money they make will outweigh any cost of a mass produced cell phone they gave you for free (which probably cost them pennies), not to mention the extra options they offer which will also cost extra. In my case, when I got this phone in the first place, part of the inducement was $185 dollars worth of air time, and that I wouldn't start getting monthly bills until that was used up - the clerk made a small mistake in our conversation when she accidentally said the amount was $150 vice $185 - when I queried her about that, she quickly corrected herself and said oh no, you're right, it's $185 - and of course I discovered later that there was the ever-present 'one time activation fee' of $35. This is the reason for her slip-up - in actuality it really was $150, not $185, since they deducted the $35 dollar 'activation fee' right off the top. Okay, fair enough - you are a business, and you are in the business of making money - same as any other business. Why shouldn't you make money? But that's not the point - the point is, why do you have to lie, mislead, and deceive? Not to mention that I did not get a cell phone for the sole purpose of providing you a means of contacting me to try to sell me more cell phone related services and products. This does nothing but undermine my faith in your veracity, so if nothing else, this post may at least help you to understand why the general public is in such an uproar about cell phone companies. But I digress...

Ordinarily I have nothing but good things to say about Telus, and even this isn't categorically 'bad' - but I have had more of these marketing calls than I can count. They are always from a call centre in India, and they always say they are "calling on behalf of Telus". I always contact Telus after these calls, and Telus always tells me they (the call centres in India) are NOT calling on behalf of Telus. When I pointed this out to Renu today, she assured me that senior personnel from Telus come to India and provide training and information (read: names and phone numbers of Telus customers), and employ personnel to make such calls.

So there it is. They always says they are, you always say they're aren't. This is what always happens. Somebody gave them my full name and phone number, and it sure wasn't me. To be fair to Renu, she's doing what she gets paid for, and it probably beats unemployment, so while it may not be any 'fault' of hers, nobody likes getting these calls. She was quite pleasant on the phone, but it was easy to tell she was referring to the usual scripts, provided no doubt from market analysts who have figured out what most customers will say, and what the best response is to get them to change their minds. We all know the drill. To be more fair, after explaining to her the ongoing situation about these kinds of calls, she even offered to remove my name from the call list, but I pointed out to her that all previous callers from the same location offered to do the same, yet I always get another call - at the end of which, they too offer to take my name off the call list.

Anyway, last but not least - if it should turn out that Renu 'is' one of your employees maybe someone can tell her that my cell phone battery died right in the middle of her call. I absolutely do not like getting these calls, but I would never be so rude as to simply hang up while someone is talking (which is a basic human principle that telemarketers heavily rely on of course), unless they were rude in the first place, in which case I have no problem hanging up. But that was not the case this time, the line suddenly went dead and my phone shut off, and when I turned it back on again I got the low battery warning before it quickly turned itself off again.



You can contact Telus directly and ask to speak with Telus privacy. They will remove you from both Mobile and Telus communications telemarketing list.