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Staten Island, NY

MoCA bridge... POE filter needed?

Hi all,

This is probably a really stupid question, but do I need a point-of-access filter on the coax that leaves my house aka goes into the ONT? I recently replaced my Actiontec router with a Netgear MoCA bridge. As far as I can tell, there's no way that my neighbors could access my MoCA network because the coax stops at the ONT. I recently set up a MoCA bridge for a neighbor who has cable and I most definitely used a POE filter where the coax enters his house. Just wanted to make sure I don't need to use one. I'm probably being way paranoid.

Just a little background on my set up. I use an Apple Time Capsule as my main router (ONT ethernet directly to router) and I just installed a Netgear MCA1001v2 MoCA bridge connected directly to my Time Capsule as a replacement for the original FiOS Actiontec router (I previously had the MoCA network double-NAT'd aka Time Capule LAN connected to Actiontec WAN port).

Thanks guys


The only reason your would need a bypass moca filter is if you and your nieghbor WERE sharing the Coax feed, otherwise your fine.